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This mind-opening podcast explores the very nature of our existence. This is not just human existence but all life on this special planet and the cosmos from which it came and which sustains it. Listen to some of the brightest minds and leading thinkers on Earth and welcome to the rabbit hole.

The seed behind this podcast is the notion of soulwaves and the idea that the very fabric of the Universe itself is conscious.

This doesn't mean the Universe is self-aware per se - that notion is part of the exploration here. Rather that soulwaves are the missing dark matter and dark energy that binds galaxies to galaxies, stars to stars, planet to stars, moons to planets - and us to the planet.

Soulwaves also bond souls to souls across all space and time and are the attractive force which brings us to meet other special souls, at just the perfect time, on our journey.

I emphasise that is not science but metaphor. It doesn't have to be true if thinking that it might works.

If you think this is bonkers, go no further.

If you are intrigued about living a charmed and magical life, step into the rabbit hole.


Enlightened conversations with enlightened people
Explorations of the metaphysical realms
Find out how to make the esoteric exoteric
Learn about your place in the scheme of things


Tom Evans
Your host is Tom Evans, an author, ambient music composer and meditation guide who loves having a good chat. His guests range from professors of quantum physics to healers, shamans and authors and other podcasters who push the boundaries.


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