Soulwaves : Insertions

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These 12 short stories are set across all space and time. They explore where we came from, how we became self-aware and where we might be heading. If you ever think your strings were being pulled, this book is for you. If you have noticed goings on in the shadows, it's for you too.


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Soulwaves : Insertions is a book comprising 12 short stories. They are wild rides of imagination.

It is both the prequel and sequel to the novel Soulwaves : A Future History. The stories straddle the present day and stretch from the beginning to the end of time in this particular Universe. Like the novel that inspired them, they are of course completely fictitious, laced with threads of universal truths. They are complete conjecture and wild rides of the imagination.

They can be savoured and enjoyed if you have not listened to the novel but will make more sense when both books have been consumed. The order in which you read them is not important. Soulwaves themselves will pull you in the direction which is right for you.

Discover how life may have started and might end on Earth. Learn how humans got the word and became self-aware. Find out how affairs on planet Earth, and in the Density, are influenced by benevolent intelligences that sit in the Void.

Insertions describe twelve different ways this intelligence enters the Density when the course of history, and humanity, requires a nudge and a redirection. If you have ever felt your strings were being pulled, these short stories will open your mind to new possibilities and new thinking.

The author, Tom Evans, is a modern day mystic and channel who is able to tap into possible future events and alternate past histories. He is a meditation guide who teaches people how to tap into the collective consciousness.

Nothing in this book, or the novel Soulwaves : A Future History, is true. Neither is it necessarily false.


Discover how life started
Find out how we became self-aware
Learn what you sometimes see out of the corner of your eye
Find out where we are heading
An audiobook 3 hours long
Also included as part of the bundle if you subscribe monthly or annually


Tom Evans
Tom is a modern day mystic, seer, channel and temporal alchemist. He knows how to tap into the future, stretch time in the present and even manipulate the past.


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