Soulwaves : A Future History

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Soulwaves : A Future History is channelled novel which foretells a possible future history of the world … as well as a little of its pre-history and humanity’s role in the wider scheme of things. After listening to this, you will look at the stars, and your life, in a whole new way.


NOTE : also included as part of the Töm's Tomes bundle

Soulwaves is a metaphysical and cosmological adventure across space and time.

If you’ve ever wondered where we are heading, this book explores a possible near-future for humanity, and the Earth. If you’ve ever wondered where we came from, be prepared to turn your thinking on its head.
If you’ve ever wondered if anyone is pulling your strings, this book will make you think again about chance encounters or serendipities in your life.
If you’ve ever suspected you are part of something bigger than you can imagine, this book is for you.
Soulwaves are the missing dark energy and dark matter that cosmologists can’t find. They bond people to people, moons to planets, planets to stars and stars to other stars to form galaxies.
Soulwaves are also integral to the cycle of life and death.
When this book proper begins in 2059, China has become the predominant force on the world stage. You will discover that events on planet Earth, and all other sentient planets, are nano-managed by greater and even more pervasive forces.


Discover where humanity is heading
Take a peak into the near future
Learn why we should cherish our planet, each other and all living creature
Find out more about where we came from and learn a little about where we are heading
An audiobook 9 hours and 35 minutes long
Also included as part of the bundle if you subscribe monthly or annually


Tom Evans
Tom is a visionary, channel and modern day mystic. He can see the future, bend time in the present and even knows how to manipulate the past. He uses this temporal alchemy in his writing to see what is ahead.


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