How to Build A Content Subscription Business: A Mini Course

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Content subscription businesses are one of the best ways for creators to generate reliable, recurring income streams. This mini course will walk you through all of the steps needed to get started, build your audience, and maximize your earning potential.

Are you a creator with great content, but you haven’t managed to build a steady income from it? 

Then it might be time to start a content subscription business.

Studies show that the subscription model is 217% more profitable than a one-time sale model. That's because selling subscriptions provides recurring income and predictable revenue. It's also a great opportunity to build a loyal audience of subscribers, who you know value your content and can count on to tune in regularly.

Join content marketing specialist Megan Morreale for this exclusive six-module mini course, where she'll walk you through all the tips and tricks needed for building your content subscription business and increasing your sales.

The mini course will cover topics ranging from subscription pricing to audience retention strategy to marketing ideas. It's also chock-full with real-world examples of content creators who've successfully launched their own subscription businesses. By the time you finish the course, you'll be ready to take your content subscription business to the next level. 


Hear real-world examples of successful subscription-based content businesses
Learn how to correctly price your offer
Fine-tune your marketing strategy and gain new insights
Discover how to keep your subscribers happy


Megan Morreale
Megan's expertise is data storytelling and thought leadership for companies in the B2B, advertising, sustainability, security, healthcare, CRM, HR tech and finance spaces. She regularly contributes to sites like Content Marketing Institute, SEMRush, Vox Media, and Instapage. Follow her on LinkedIn at in/meganmorreale/.


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