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Salt is love, community, solidarity, healing, creating. It is feminist, intersectional, full of stories, movement and change. It insists, evolves and transforms. It is a gathering against all types of violence that affect our bodies, minds, bodies, communities & the environment. It is a commitment.

 Salt The Podcast is about honest and bold conversations with outspoken, courageous, and wise women from all spheres of life. Our encounters are part of a collaborative project. We are contesting, deconstructing, passionately recreating and forming connections with the hope of changing systems and perceptions.  

Our conversations are not static interviews but flow into each other, they create space for what matters in an individualized world that constantly distracts and disconnects us from our core. They leave room for the unexpected. 

 Salt is love, community, solidarity, a collective, healing, creating. It is intersectional, full of stories, movement and change. It insists, evolves and transforms. It is a commitment because as Kimberlé Crenshaw says “Women come from a whole range of backgrounds. If our visions of peace don’t include these differences, then our peace will be partial.’’  


Connect with other women to build community and solidarity
Learn from other women who share their knowledge and speak up
Be empowered and inspired by other women
Share your stories in the blog or podcast and amplify your voice
Elevate a new generation that is feminist, anti-racist, compassionate


Stella Saliari
Stella loves immersing herself in deep conversation. She is fascinated by the sincerity of people, their experiences, stories and minds and deeply believes that what we truly own are our stories. They are our wisdom, our pain, they are love, and we will always carry them with us. Some of them will become our legacy.


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