Superfoods & Herbal Tonics 2

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Superfoods & Herbal Tonics 2 covers natural health philosophy, homeopathic prescribing methods, homeopathic remedies, allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, asthma, ADHD, arthritis, bowel problems, home remedies, herbal tinctures, food and herbal tonics.

In Superfoods & Herbal Tonics 2 (originally Natural and Detox Medicine), Dr. Robin Murphy talks about natural and detox medicine. The topics include therapies and homeopathic remedies and keynotes and for hay fever, ADD & ADHD, arthritis, food allergies & bowel problems, and sinusitis descriptions. He also gives an in depth lecture on the uses of bamboo charcoal and castor oil.

The following topics are included.

1. Natural and Detox Medicine
2. Bamboo Charcoal
3. Homeopathy and Hay Fever
4. Natural Remedies for ADD and ADHD
5. Castor Oil
6. Homeopathy and Arthritis
7. Food Allergies and Bowel Remedies
8. Sinusitis

Video of this lecture is available on demand at


Over 10 hours of lecture
Recommended homeopathic remedies, tonics, and foods


Dr. Robin Murphy, ND
Naturopath, homeopath, lecturer, and author of the MetaRepertory and Nature's Materia Medica (formerly Lotus Materia Medica).


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