Hypnosis for Releasing Anxiety

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This hypnosis audio was created for anyone who struggles with anxiety, constant stress, negative thoughts, or overwhelm. This audio will connect you with your true inner-strength and remind you that you have power over your thoughts, state, and life!

Imagine breaking through negative thought patterns that hold you back in all areas of your life. Imagine being able to automatically focus on positivity, love, and joy...

This hypnosis audio for releasing anxiety was created for anyone who is sick and tired of constantly feeling anxious. Throughout the recording, Megan, uses soothing music, breathing, and deepening techniques to guide you into complete relaxation and inner peace. Once you are in your deep, dreamy state, Megan, will guide you through an enlightening exercise that will show you that you have power over your negative thoughts and energy. Next, she will give you positive suggestions about becoming your ideal self, connecting with positivity, and releasing anxiety for good!

Megan suggests listening to this audio for 7 consecutive for the ultimate mindset transformation. After that 7 days, use it as needed when you are feeling anxious or stressed.

“My experience being hypnotized by Megan has been amazing.  Right away I noticed my anxiousness about the things we worked on was so much less.  I feel more positive and relaxed about things that would usually stress me out.  She is a natural and so easy to work with.  I recommend her to everyone that will listen.  She is very caring and talented.” -Robin M.

"I tried hypnotherapy for the first time with Megan.  I was hoping it would help me with sleeping issues and trying not to overthink everything while trying to fall back to sleep.  I had no idea what to expect but open to the experience.  After the very first time I left feeling so calm and more relaxed than I had in years.  It has helped me so much and I am so thankful for Megan.  She makes you feel so comfortable and I would recommended to anyone." -Susanne R. (sleep & relaxation client)



Anxiety relief
Relax your mind and body
Release negative energy
Change your thought patterns at a deep, subconscious level
Gain control over your negative thoughts
Build positive energy
Improve happiness levels


Megan Moriarty
Megan Moriarty is a Certified Hypnotherapist, yoga, and mediation teacher that is passionate about helping others manifest their dream life. Her empowering yet light-hearted approach to personal growth is the perfect combination to help others create the change that they desire while enjoying the process.


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