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It is no longer sufficient to merely possess knowledge of scriptures and be filled with the Holy Spirit. To truly dominate the field of business, one must be actively engaged in the administration and management of their enterprise.

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God intends for us to not only own a business but also to possess the skills and abilities necessary to effectively oversee and operate it. During the final phase of my three-year divorce, I received a divine revelation that shifted everything around me and within me. I came to understand that talents and gifts are two different things. Talents are physical abilities, while gifts are spiritual abilities. If you are called to the business world, you will need both to be successful. I had to accept that I wasn't effectively managing my business, even though I had been given the gift of Administration. What a wake-up call! 

Many people misunderstand the story of Joseph. His spiritual gift wasn't just that of a dreamer, but rather he was called to be an administrator of the Kingdom. This gift involves providing structure, guidance, and effective allocation of people, materials, and resources, with a laser focus on details.

If you're launching a business by faith, it's a great start. But unless you understand how to manage every aspect of your life and business, it may still fail. By missing this key of administration, you could lose money, time, and resources. Building a successful business requires confronting issues head-on, so it's time to start managing the territory you already have to accelerate God's purpose for your business. That's what this podcast is designed to do. You will receive downloadable content to execute concrete actions and develop processes in your business.


Understand Your Business Model.
How to administrate yourself!
How to developing a business strategy.
How to obtain resources, access to capital, materials and human capital.
How to administrate your business effectively.

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Gloria Wesley
Meet Gloria Wesley, formerly Strauthers a professional hybrid of sorts with skills and experiences across multiple domains and disciplines. Her 25-year career has been filled with numerous accolades, thanks to her exceptional ability to identify opportunities and reduce operational costs through innovative processes. Gloria's personal mastery prowess and growth mindset have helped her achieve early retirement at 40. In 2016, she founded Exodus Management and Consulting, LLC, and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Exodus is dedicated to helping businesses achieve sustainable success by enhancing processes and increasing efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. For more about gloria visit


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