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The World Class Copywriting and Marketing Podcast features freelance copywriter Robert Sean Pascoe's greatest tips, tricks, and techniques for writing breakthrough advertising and marketing campaigns that have the power to supercharge your business!!!

The World Class Copywriting and Marketing Podcast is hosted by "The Kingpin of Copywriting" Robert Sean Pascoe.

With a lifetime of real work advertising and marketing experience, Robert is also an "Outlaw Entrepreneur" who helps his clients create ideal lifestyle businesses.

Robert is a self-described "Copywriting Junkie" who obsesses over studying and mastering the principles of old school direct response advertising which he will share with his listeners.

Every episode will reveal the powerful secrets of INFLUENCE and PERSUASION...

And the simple psychology of what REALLY makes people buy!!!

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Ninja level copywriting and marketing tips, tricks and techniques to help you explode your success FASTER and EASIER than you probably ever thought possible...
Powerful lessons from the legends of advertising and marketing including John Caples, Eugene Schwartz, Claude Hopkins, Ted Nicholas and Gary Halbert...
Regular deep dives into the psychology behind the most successful advertising ever written and analysis of what made them so powerful...
How to use what you learn to supercharge the results of your advertising and marketing campaigns while putting more money in your pocket...
Detailed breakdowns of winning marketing strategies and money making strategies to model for your band put to work in your business...
Behind the scenes looks at current advertising and marketing campaigns, so you can see what's working now (and what's NOT)...


Robert Sean Pascoe
Robert is a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter, Marketing Strategist and Business Success Coach who works with Entrepreneurs worldwide to create powerful advertising and maximize their success.


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