Earths Core Meditations

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Emerging from the Earth Series Meditations, the 5,000-year-old standing stone in Ireland called ARIA continues to lead us in 6 deep meditations from Earth's core. Replenish your mind, body, spirit with meditations that explore Inner Earth, Solstice, Forgiveness, Kundalini, DNA History and Newgrange.


In this second batch of Earth Series meditations, Aingeal Rose guides us into six meditations guided by ARIA, the 5,000 year-old standing stone in Ireland, who takes us to the core of Mother Earth.

This is the second batch of meditations that has helped many people feel grounded, safe and more certain of themselves in this great time of change. Meditations include:

  1. Inner Earth
  2. Solstice
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Kundalini
  5. History in our DNA
  6. Newgrange


Reestablish your connection to Mother Earth
Reconnect with the sound and vibration of Earth's Core
Feel nurtured in the womb of our Earth Mother
Feel strengthened to tackle this great time of change
Come back grounded and certain of your purpose in life
Experience being grounded and guided in preparation for return to surface life


Aingeal Rose
As a seasoned spiritual teacher, Aingeal Rose delights in facilitating the awakening of consciousness in her clients and students. For her students to realize their personal freedom, find the God within themselves, and arrive at the point of loving and respecting all life everywhere is the goal of her teachings.

Aingeal Rose is the author of the Answers From The Akashic Records Series of books, which includes A Time of Change and The Nature of Reality. She has also written Tarot for Beginners and numerous spiritual eBooks based on a variety of topics. The recordings of her Group Akashic sessions are available on her website:

Aingeal lives in the United States.
Ahonu is an accomplished author, visionary artist, public speaker, podcast host, and spiritual teacher. He has written over 100 books of his own and published over 1,000 for clients. He and his Twin-Flame wife Aingeal Rose have written over 4,000 profound statements from the Akashic Records, broadcast over 300 weekly episodes of The Honest-to-God Series podcast, and created over 300 YouTube videos to date.

A powerhouse of productivity, he has designed over 500 book covers, posters and advertising graphics for his clients since 2006 in the USA and Ireland and maintains a successful, impactful artist presence on

His background includes Technical Support as a Microsoft Certified Professional for 2 major multinationals, supporting them through the Y2K period and beyond, as well as providing web design and web hosting services internationally since 1993.

He is an ordained minister in the non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love Ministry and brings that devotion into everything he does.


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