Keys to Living Well with Jill Monaco

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If you could master a few key things, you could have healthy relationships, be wildly successful in your career, and grow in spiritual maturity. Learn the keys to living well from this 4-part audio course by Jill Monaco.

Are you tired of having trouble in relationships because of miscommunication? Not sure how to handle yet another transition? Need some guidance and encouragement to reconcile well? 

In this 4 part audio course, Jill Monaco unpacks what it takes to live an authentically connected life … to co-workers, family, and your spouse. Most importantly to God.

Listen to 4 different audio teachings that give you the exact steps on how to communicate well, reconcile well, transition well, and love well. You'll learn from Jill's mistakes and identify with the challenges you often face. Follow along with the teaching in a beautiful 25-page Workbook. Get ready to use these keys to unlock a life to living well!

  • Follow along with the teaching in a beautiful 30-page Workbook. 
  • Be led through prayers to help you live well in your relationships, career, and life. 
  • Discover the confidence you need in your communication with others.
  • Develop the tools you need for healthy relationships. 


Learn the exact STEPS on how to communicate well, reconcile well, transition well and love well.
4 powerful TEACHINGS to listen to on your desktop or Soundwise App
Self-reflective ASSIGNMENTS to apply what you learn
PRAYERS to grow and have deeper intimacy with God
25 page PDF WORKBOOK for you to print out (delivered in email)
The WISDOM you need to change your life!


Jill Monaco
Jill Monaco is the founder and CEO of Jill Monaco Ministries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has a passion to encourage people to pursue the presence of God and find freedom in Christ.

She is a speaker, best selling author, and ACC credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation.

As a Bible teacher and speaker, Jill is known for captivating audiences with her high-energy, humorous approach to life’s serious issues. Her faith-filled and transparent stories encourage listeners to become all that God has created them to be.

Jill Monaco has developed Freedom Coaching®, a model that blends hearing God, prayer, and coaching tools. Her first book The Freedom Coach Model® went to #1 on the Amazon bestseller list.


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2: Can I listen offline?

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