Purejoy Parenting Popup Call: What Did You Expect?

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My favorite way to bring the work of Purejoy is on-the-spot! So, I created Purejoy popup calls as a way to bring you provocative topics that 'pop up' as I am working with families all over the world.

The hard truth is expecting something does NOT mean it will happen.

When you are triggered you regress emotionally and believe your thoughts can actually make something happen. Developmental psychologist Jean Piaget called this "magical" thinking. When things don't go your way you might FREAK out feeling disappointed and helpless.

This can show up in your parenting when you mistakenly believe that expecting your children to behave the way you want will actually make them behave that way.

Yep! The problem in my home was that my daughter didn't get the memo that told her she was here to meet my expectation. HA!

Did you have any of these expectations before parenting?

*my child would listen

*my child would do what I asked them to do

*my child would be on time

*my child would be responsible

Oftentimes we set ourselves up for the greatest disappointments, by living into the future of what we E X P E C T might happen in our parenting journey. We can imagine all the ways our kiddos just might turn out- based on our cultural conditioning- if they don't get a handle on their behaviors.

But what if you could explore the feelings that are driving those very behaviors right here and now and truly be in the present moment with them? Would you notice their joy? Would you see their curiosity? Would you be able to support them in their helplessness?

This is exactly what I want to talk about in the upcoming Purejoy Popup call -

What Did You Expect?

I'd love for you to join me-

Follow the link here to register.


Leslie Potter
Leslie Potter is a therapist, parent coach and mama extraordinaire. She supports parents to explore and deepen their conscious parenting journey, helping them to find their internal strengths as a parent instead of using techniques to control their child’s behavior, while opening hearts and minds to the power of healthy separation and connection. She is the creator of “Parenting Paused” a parenting podcast sharing the journey of parents as they transform their relationships with their child as well as the founder and creator of the Purejoy Parenting model. Her greatest adventure has been riding the waves of relationship alongside her amazing daughter while learning to “grow” herself up to be the parent she always wanted to be.


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