Jazz & Big Band I (Narrated) Album for Riding to Music

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This one is one of our most popular best sellers. Very good for learning how to keep your rhythm and choose the best tempo for your horse. Familiar and fun music with a soothing feel. Very popular. Big Band sound, energetic but not overwhelming. Classic swing sound with easy to recognize downbeats

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The Jazz & Big Band I (Narrated) Album is one of our most popular best sellers. Very good for learning how to keep your rhythm and choose the best tempo for your horse. Familiar and fun music with a soothing feel. Very popular.  Big Band sound, energetic but not overwhelming.  Classic swing sound with easy to recognize downbeats and beats per minute (BPM).


It’s fun to ride to music! Rhythm and relaxation are essential for EVERYONE, including dressage riders, trail riders, hunter riders, and Western pleasure riders.

RIDING WITH SOUL™ albums contain multiple selections of walk, trot, and canter music for your horse. Each album is 20 - 30 minutes long with a selection of walk, trot, and canter music. (Holiday Albums are much longer!)  

Narrated and unnarrated options are available. Throughout the narrated albums, I personally guide you with instruction to help you find the DOWNBEAT and TEMPO of each song, and help MAINTAIN YOUR RHYTHM. 

With 12 different albums and two holiday selections, you can find a style of music to fit you and your horse! Whether you have a hot and nervous horse, or a lazy and uninterested horse, there is music for you.


More reasons to ride to music:

♪ Studies show that music affects our physiology. Slow music slows the heartbeat and the breathing rate as well as brings down blood pressure. Faster music speeds up these same functions. 

♪ Listening to your favorite music is good for your cardiovascular system. Researchers have shown that joyful music has a healthy effect on blood vessel function.

♪ Riding to music increases your endurance and feelings of well-being. Studies show that exercising to music improves endurance by 15 percent and improves the “feeling states” - so people derive much greater pleasure from exercise thanks to those cool endorphins!

♪ Many hospitals use music to treat patients with stress-related illnesses to stimulate the brain and relax the body. 

♪ Music affects both sides of your brain - so whether you are a left-brain logical thinker or a right-brain artistic thinker, music helps you ride better.

♪ Even animals react differently to various types of music. Given a choice, rats will choose calm classical music over hard rock every time.

♪ Music can also influence brainwaves. Faster beats make you more alert and slower beats help you relax. 

♪ Music creates a long-lasting change in brainwave activity. That means that music can bring lasting benefits to your state of mind, even after you’ve stopped listening.

♪ Music filters out background noises so that you and your horse can concentrate better. 

♪ Music acts as an INTERNAL metronome to help you maintain a regular rhythm.

♪ Music puts you in a more positive state of mind, helping to keep depression and anxiety at bay. 


Learn to keep your rhythm
Learn to choose the best tempo for your horse
Increase your endurance and feeling of well-being
Filter out distracting background noises so you and your horse can concentrate better


Ruth Hogan-Poulsen
Ruth has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals as well as her Freestyle Gold Bar and has been named a 4* rider on Centerline Scores. She has been creating competitive Musical Freestyles for decades. Since 2003, Ruth has been a head coach and choreographer for Team Wingedfoot at the annual Challenge of the Americas quadrille freestyle benefit for breast cancer research. This year in 2020 Team Wingedfoot rocked the house by winning the competition again. Learn more at www.ruthhoganpoulsen.com

More about Ruth: Ruth has coached adult amateur and junior riders and horses who have won top honors in the USDF Year-End, Horse of the Year or All Breed Awards. Ruth has also co-authored the annual Dressage Riders Journal and Jumper Riders Journal, both available on Amazon.


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