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Best Agile Articles Conference and Meetup invites authors published in the eponymous publication to deliver talks on a variety of Agile topics.

Best Agile Articles 2018 is a collection of articles from a variety of authors published on topics of all things Agile in 2018. The Best Agile Articles book series collects the best agile articles published during a calendar year into a single volume. You can download your free copy of the ebook from our website or buy a paperback copy from Amazon.

On April 6 the authors of the best agile articles published in 2018 came together for a workshop, giving their talk on topics such as Agile Leadership, distributed teams, and others.


Cherie Silas, MCC, CEC
Cherie Silas is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) and a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) who has been coaching, leading, training, and mentoring people for most of her career. She has a strong desire to help people arrive at the place they define as success in both personal and professional life. Her goal is to invest the experience and talents she has gathered through years of learning, often times the hard way, into people whom she hopes will become greater than she can ever dream to be.

She has a deep background in organizational management with a proven track record of people development. In 2011, when she discovered agile, the mindset behind the values and principles so deeply resonated with her that her entire career path shifted. She first served as a scrum master and became so passionate about helping people learn and grow as agile practitioners that she was compelled to start training and coaching.

Cherie has since worked as a consultant assisting several Fortune 500 clients with large agile transformations. She has trained over 1,000 agilists and maintains several mentoring relationships with scrum masters who are passionate about continuous growth. Contributions to the agile community at large include presenting regularly at conferences and blogging about agile coaching topics.

When not coaching agile organizations, Cherie can be found volunteering as an executive coach with The Coaching Fellowship, a non-profit organization that works with rising young women leaders all over the world at crucial points in their careers to help them manifest the change they want to be, and see, in the world. She also does pro-bono coaching with The Center for Non-Profit Coaching which offers coaching services to executives and employees of non-profit organizations.

Cherie's life mission that drives every interaction with every individual she encounters is simply this: To leave you better than I found you with each encounter
Michael de la Maza, PhD, CEC
As an industry recognized Agile and Scrum Coach and Consultant, I help companies succeed by supporting company-wide agile transformations. My experience includes C-suite guidance, one-on-one coaching and mentorship, Agile planning, and team formation.

I've worked with a broad range of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and tailor my work for the context.

With Rob Rubin, an online education pioneer and the Founding VP of Engineering at edX, I recently created, an online agile education portal that we plan to grow until it has the best agile content and the best learning platform.

✏Take a free online agile course today at

Previously, I was VP of Corporate Strategy at Softricity (acquired by Microsoft in 2006) and co-founder of Inquira (acquired by Oracle in 2011). I have a PhD in Computer Science from MIT and am the co-author of "Why Agile Works: The Values Behind the Results" and "Agile Coaching: Wisdom from Practitioners."

Reach me at and 617 575 9707.


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