Mini Audio Course: Speak To Our Sons Mentorship Series

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Inspired by research conducted as a graduate African American Studies student, Justin Blu created the S.O.S. Speak to Our Sons Mentorship Series to provides knowledge, life lessons, and guidance assisting Black males with personal growth and navigation of manhood.


 Inspired by research conducted as a graduate African American
Studies student, Justin Blu created the S.O.S. Speak to Our Sons Mentorship Series
to provides knowledge, life lessons, and guidance assisting Black males with
personal growth and navigation of manhood. Each audio lesson in the body of
work maintains a natural conversational feel, while simultaneously sharing vital
information gained through research, life experiences, and encounters with various
positive male role models. 

Handling encounters with law enforcement, successfully navigating
education systems, properly respecting women, making legitimate money, and maintaining
healthy lifestyle practices are just a few of the impactful areas covered within
the SOS series. Many of the lessons also inspire families and households to conduct
conversations amongst themselves regarding the various topics addressed. SOS is
great resource for individuals striving to empower themselves, as well as a
tool with the ability to impact the lives of many loved ones. Many sons,
brothers, nephews, cousins, and students are continually being impacted by the

The entire SOS Series is recommended for ages 13+, due to
some of the heavier topics/areas addressed. Though, each SOS purchase comes
with additional access to a modified -G- version of the series, encompassing
solely the SOS lessons that are fitting for all ages. Both the full version and the -G- version can
conveniently be accessed from nearly any computer or smart device with access
to internet.  


Lesson 1: In Route to Success
Lesson 2: The Illusions of Being a Dope Boy
Lesson 3: Making Legit Money in Today’s World
Lesson 4: Thinking Beyond Your Current Circumstances
Lesson 5: Understanding That the Clothes Don’t Make You
Lesson 6: Overcoming Fear
Lesson 7: Being More Than an Athlete or Entertainer
Lesson 8: The Difference Between a Means and an Objective
Lesson 9: Moving Strategically
Lesson 10: Dealing With Feeling and Emotions
Lesson 11: Taking Responsibility in Every Area of Life
Lesson 12: Handling Breakups and Ending Relationships
Lesson 13: The Importance of Respecting Women
Lesson 14: The Importance of Respecting YOURSELF
Lesson 15: Protecting yourself from HIV and STDs
Lesson 16: Valuing Your Time and Using it Wisely
Lesson 17: Navigating Education Systems, K-12
Lesson 18: Living a life of Continuous Learning
Lesson 19: Navigating College
Lesson 20: Avoiding Gossip
Lesson 21: Dealing with Outside Opinions and Criticism (Haters)
Lesson 22: Evaluating Your Friends
Lesson 23: Handling Encounters with Law Enforcement
Lesson 24: Focusing on Solutions
Lesson 25: 10 Principles and Guidelines of Manhood


Justin Blu
Justin Blu, GEM USA Iconic Champion of Change Awardee, is the founder of Justin Blu U’niversity − an initiative focused on providing education and life lessons from a black perspective, in order to achieve a greater global society. He has bridged gaps between higher education and marginalized populations by delivering imperative information to millions of viewers via social media. As a scholar-activist, empowerment speaker, and entrepreneur, Justin Blu actively sheds light on racial injustice and inequalities; while simultaneously informing communities and individuals of solutions to empower themselves. Beginning with involvement in organizations such as Black Student Union, and Men Achieving Leadership Excellence and Success, on the campus Florida International University (FIU), Justin Blu has continually found innovative ways to make progressive impacts. He recently participated as a cast member in MTV’s signature show, The Real World. Pioneering the use of reality television to conduct activism, Blu utilized the platform to address racism and systemic oppression. Throughout his endeavors, Blu persistently strives to combat racial propaganda; especially regarding inaccurate narratives depicting black males. Justin Blu earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from FIU and is currently a graduate student researching African American studies at Georgia State University. Through his LLC, Justin Blu U’niversity, he mentor’s youth, conducts clothing drives, provides educational workshops, and organizes community empowering events. Justin Blu has committed himself to pushing for equality and serving marginalized populations.


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