How To Make and Sell Soap - Answers to the Top 50 Questions Audiobook

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Get answers to the TOP 50 questions to make your own soap at home. This audio program is full of time tested techniques and experiences to help you avoid costly mistakes and time consuming errors. If you are considering starting or growing your own soap business there are answers for you too.


Get Answers to the top qustions to start making and selling soap in this audiobook. You know you need to exercise soap safety when making soap from scratch but...

  • What do all those soap terms mean?
  • How can you avoid or fix those problematic soap batches?
  • How do you know if your soap is safe to use?
  • Should you sell online or in person?
  • Should you setup a website or an online store?

Quickly get answers and advice to these and the top 50 most common soap questions. There is even a section devoted to getting started with selling your handmade soap. It's all delivered in a concise easy to follow format without all the fluff. If you are just getting started, jump start your soap making journey with How to Make and Sell Soap - Answers to the Top 50 Questions.


Learn how to get started with soap making and save money
Start your own soap business online as a second source of income
First hand advice from experienced soap maker
Free Downloads, Tip Sheets and Video Tutorials
Interactive message board to grow and share with other listeners
Audio Classroom App to listen on the go
2 Hours of Answers to the most common questions for New Soap Makers


Zakia Ringgold
Zakia Ringgold is the Creator of Live Soap School where she teaches people around the world the art and science of Soap Making. She is a certified soap maker, industry speaker, blogger, instructor, digital technology ninja and author of the New Soap Makers Cookbook series. For Zakia, magic happened when motherhood collided with life, work and technology. After spending time perfecting her soap making craft and discovering her own version of creativity she launched an online soap shop while teaching her viewers in Soap Nation to do the same. She did this with a live stream and a cell phone to the tune of 100 orders in the first week, without leaving her dining room. She realized it was so much more than soap, it was education, opportunity, empowerment and most importantly COMMUNITY! She now shares her products, knowledge and lessons learned with members of Soap Nation across 18 countries and counting.


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