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Get the lessons learned, tips, strategies and actionable insights that will help you thrive as a first-generation Canadian immigrant. Enjoy the Canadian Narrative of an immigrant's life.

As a first-generation Canadian, I started the Immigrant Life Podcast and Community in order to inspire fellow immigrants to discover actionable insights that will help them thrive and make a difference in their chosen spheres of influence. I do this by putting a spotlight on my experiences and that of other first-generation Canadians, mining our collective intelligence and presenting these in this podcast. 

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Master The Game of Money - How To Attract it, How to Multiply It, How To Keep It, How To Give It
Gain Deep Spiritual Insights That Will Help You On Your Canadian Journey
Understand Mental Health and How To Manage Yours While Being Supportive Of Others
Get Unconventional Wisdom On How To Improve And Maintain Physical Wellness
Discover How To Master Social Relationships In Canada
Learn How To Grow Your Career And Business Even If It Feels Like A Daunting Challenge
Uncover Tips To A Successful Family Life Even If The Canadian Culture Differs From Yours
Immerse Yourself In Our Rich Canadian Culture And First Nations History
Access To An Invested Community of Members Who Will Support You On Your Integration Journey
Opportunity To Appear In An Episode To Air Your Contributions Or Get Your Questions Answered


Dapo Bankole
He is a first-generation Canadian, Founder, and Host of the Immigrant Life Podcast. By way of profession, Dapo is an IT Professional turned serial digital entrepreneur. He is married to his award-winning fashion designer wife and business partner, Buki. Together they have three amazing boys!


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