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This was an online event held on March 28, 2020 in response to the panic and negative energy that was in the air. This audio bundle provides answers to nagging questions relevant to any chaotic time, not just covid-19 induced chaos. It is a confidence-building companion with life-changing insights!

In March 2020, I posted the following message to my LinkedIn network; 

"Many in my connection know me as an IT and Project Management Professional - and that is true. What a lot don't know is that I also have a side passion - which is working with first-generation Canadians.

Well, I help first-generation Canadians thrive by sharing actionable insights through podcasting and public speaking events. At this time in our nation when life feels very uncertain and chaotic, coming together to discover how to forge a new life and thrive in the chaos is crucial.

Therefore, I had a crazy idea of organizing an online event to address key areas of our lives such as finances, family, career, business, and mental wellness within 10 days.

Why? To show that anything is possible if only we believe we can. Making this event a success is, therefore, a priority for me so that someone out there can be inspired to pivot their life in any direction at the shortest possible time AND make a success of it.

Here is the help I need from you; as a member of my network, please let your own network know of the event - it's completely online and holds on Sat, March 28.

Together, we will rise.



And true to the dream, the event happened as planned with 38 people attending the event out of 60 registrations. The image below shows the panel of speakers as they deliberated on how individuals and businesses can move forward during this pandemic! This was the event bonus on top of individual speaker sessions. 

Aside from the lifetime value of the insightful information shared at the event, the lesson is clear - whatever we can conceive, we can achieve no matter the challenge. I have through the event demonstrated the fact that ANYONE at all can change the course of his or her life in a very short time and still be a success at it. While the word success is relative, we certainly don't need to get things perfect to make progress. From idea to execution and closure, it all took 10 days. Anything is possible if only we believe.

Now that the event is over, I have made the recording of the event available here for your private use through Wow Events Audio University, Immigrant Life's education partner. By listening to these audios repeatedly you will connect with your subconscious so you can put pieces in place to accomplish your dreams. And when you take action, you will strategically create, design the life you want and achieve the results most people only dream about.

Please take notes while listening to the audios and work through any exercises that accompany each speaker's talk. Even for audios that do not have specific assignments, as you listen to the messages, you will realize that there will be actions that you need to take. One of the easiest ways to uncover your next steps is to ask yourself these three questions;

  1. What is the speaker saying about the topic?
  2. What is my heart saying to me?
  3. What am I supposed to do about what my heart is saying to me?

You will find that you may not be able to have answers to the three questions in one seating. However, by making intentional efforts to answer those three questions you will be on your way.

Welcome to a new you! Welcome to your best life yet!!

Dapo Bankole


Discover What Experts Say About How To Thrive In The Chaos Caused By COVID-19
Learn How To Ace Virtual (phone and video) Interviews
Master How To CREATE An Online Career Using Your Talents, Training, Life and Work Experiences
As Working Parents, Discover The Secrets To Making This Stay-At-Home Season Work
Find Out How To Laugh In The Face Of Danger (so you don't soil your pants)
Uncover How To Ride The Waves Of Lock Downs As An Entrepreneur
Finances - Discover How to Know What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do
Hear How To Protect Your Mental Health and Developing Resiliency


Dapo Bankole
IT Entrepreneur, Founder of The Immigrant Life and WowEvents.Online


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