Forever Mortal - Curse of Soulmate Series

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Burning love. Deadly secrets. Haunting past. They have found each other, but do they have what it takes to be together? Curse of Soulmate is a complete 4 novel series in romantic supernatural suspense mystery genre.


Curse of Soulmate Series has 4 seasons. >> click here to navigate

  1. Random Psychic - The Complete Season 1
  2. Forever Mortal - The Complete Season 2
  3. Elusive Beings - The Complete Season 3
  4. Imperfect Divine - The Complete Season 4


Burning love. Deadly secrets. Haunting past.

She can track anyone's mind, except the mind of a man she is supposed to spy on.

Being a journalist for a long time, Madeline has seen a lot of practical jokes. Unfortunately, this isn't one of them.

She must use her tracking talent to trace a supernatural object, or best friend will die.

She can't afford any mistake, knowing her mind tracking ability is unstable.

The clock is ticking, and she couldn't find a solution.

Having no choice, she accepts Ciaran's help, only to find out that he holds secrets that could destroy them both ...

Grab the complete volume and explore the multiverse that thousands of readers have fallen in love with.

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