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This live broadcast show is sparked by the conversations people had with Vivian Acquah CDE®, that they are missing the human factor in the workplace. As a Certified DEI Consultant, Vivian supports managers in creating thriving workplaces and amplifying diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This live broadcast series is sparked by the conversations people had with Vivian Acquah CDE® , that they are missing the human factor in the workplace. As a workplace wellness advocate, supports companies, managers with creating thriving workplaces. 

The human factor is an important element for people to thrive at work. Humanizing the workplace starts with raising awareness and I choose to start this movement online by talking with other experts about what is needed to humanize the workplace.

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About Vivian Acquah CDE®
Passionate and driven, Vivian Acquah CDE® is making an impact on the world of workplace wellness and DEI. As the Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate/ Certified Diversity Executive, Vivian is devoted to making the topics of workplace wellness and DEI more accessible for everyone. 

With a name that literally translates to 'water,' Vivian has become an extinguisher of fires related to DEI, providing clients such as Heineken, LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, Deloitte, Tibco, Cargill, Swift, Acrolinx, KLM and Zalando with tangible strategies for embracing inclusive changes. 

Additionally, she facilitates meaningful conversations about DEI through her Amplify DEI Cards initiative, which enables teams to create effective action plans for furthering their work in this area. 

Driven by a strong purpose and mission-driven attitude, Vivian is ready and willing to help make our world more equitable.


Learn how to engage employees with ease
Learn how to attract talent with ease
Learn to prevent turnover sink your team
Learn how to define new leadership
Learn how to inspire your people


Vivian Acquah
Vivian Acquah is a driven woman who likes to talk about the holistic way of sustainable employability, called workplace wellness. For her, this is the way to work on a healthy culture at work.

Becoming a mother inspired Vivian to shift from being a Finance/ IT consultant to becoming a workplace wellness advocate. She made a promise to her son to help make the world a sustainable place by advocating for a healthy workplace where people can thrive.

The coolest thing Vivian has ever accomplished is that she created a healthy cooking show for TV “Cooking Back To Our Roots”. This show was a tribute to her grandmother, who she lost in 2009 due to diabetes type 2.


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