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For the smart, ambitious, and soulful. 120 personal growth talks to hone your intuition, sharpen your mind, and expand your consciousness. Connect with your personal truth to gain clarity on life, fulfill your highest potential, and make a dent in the Universe.

Welcome to the School of Intuition, a self realization training series for the smart, ambitous, and soulful.

This soundcast helps you learn the right-brain and left-brain tools to walk this planet with power and grace, to become a clear channel of authentic creativity, and to find your unique way to elevate the consciousness of the world around you.

You came into this world carrying an amazing light that has the power to create, heal, elevate and transform. But for its power to be manifested to full potential, you need to become a strong container for your light— clear, fearless, centered in the highest truth of who you are.

You need to be dialed in to the heavens, while having your two feet firmly planted on the ground.

You need to operate from your higher self, while meeting people wherever they are.

You need to learn to connect with your creative source, discern your own truth, and use it to guide practical actions. When you become skilled in doing that, stars will align and elements will conspire, to move you forward towards fulfilling your highest destiny, in the most effortless way possible.

This is an audio companion for the evolutionary journey of your soul, a transmission both for your mind and for your being.

Here’re some of the things you can expect to gain through this soundcast:

  • Deepened connection with your higher self for intuitive guidance and creative decision-making
  • Sharpened clarity about your life path
  • More alignment with your higher purpose and your unique gifts
  • Higher quality of personal discernment about whatever life situations you’re going through
  • Increased resilience through life’s ups and downs
  • An ever-expanding sense of personal freedom

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"I listen to you constantly at the moment, and the more I have done so, the more I see changes in my own being.  I am so grateful you came into my awareness. Thank you so much for your brilliant works.  I just love you.  And I always look forward to more." -Brenda M.

“You’re amazing, Natasha. I’ve never known myself better than I do today and I say this every day now. I’m comfortable with who I am and find it easier to express my feelings than ever before. Thank you for your work. It’s all because of your ‘How to get anything you want’ podcast and your amazing videos. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.” -Gary V.

“I must say you are truly amazing and understand what someone like me is going through. I don't know how you are not a household name.” -Kam P.

“You always seemed to have the right message for me at the right time.” -Lorrie P.

"Profound wisdom, yet again Natasha. Thank you for teaching this lesson at this time. I'm forwever grateful..." -Adam V.

“You really gave me a boost today. I am grateful for the insight. It really made me think.” -Janet K.

“You have described what I am going through exactly. You are a breath of fresh air and I know my Angels have led me to you. I can breath better now. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and Love.” -Donna S.

"This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. Thank you Natasha!" -Cynthia S.

"I found this podcast which is more powerful than any answer I could have found....thank you so much for all that you do..." -Tamara O.

"All I can say is...WOW! I've been on a meandering spiritual path the last few years and was guided to your podcast. It absolutely resonated with me!...Thank you Natasha!" -Sean M.

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Connect with your higher self to make better decisions and gain clarity
Learn to use your unique gifts to create meaningful work
Learn to make inspired life choices based on freedom, not fear
Discover your personal power and deepen your self-love


Natasha Che
Natasha is an entrepreneur, personal growth teacher, and award-winning podcast host. She has helped tens of thousands of people find clarity and meaning in their life and overcome adversities through developing a deeper relationship with their higher self. Her work has been featured on Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, National Association of Broadcasters, Podcast Movement, Thrive Global, YourTango, Sivana East, among others.

Natasha holds a PhD in Economics from Georgetown University and lives in Washington DC.


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