Reconstruction of the Heart

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Reconstruction of the Heart takes the listener through a deep analysis of the heart. It looks at actions of the heart, which aid the person on their journey to Allah, and diseases of the heart, which block one's relationship with Allah. This series was specifically designed for busy working profe...
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The Islam for Working Professionals Program is DC Seminary's flagship educational and coaching program. Components of this program include weekly online sessions related to coming closer to Allah as a working professional with a busy home life, consistently engaging with the Qur'an by learning Qur'anic Arabic and live one on one weekly sessions with the instructor over the phone or via Skype to keep students on track.    

These recordings were taken from the weekly "Reconstruction of the Heart" online sessions from the program. The complete Islam for Working Professionals Program is priced at $299/month and limited to 20 students per quarter. If you would like to enroll, please contact DC Seminary. 



Fahad Tasleem
Fahad Tasleem is the founder of DC Seminary, an institute focused on spiritually empowering working professionals, graduates & college students. He also serves as the Head of US Outreach for iERA (the Islamic Education & Research Academy). His diverse study & research interests include Qur’anic Studies, Dawah, Islamic & Comparative Theology, Behavioral Economics, Economic History, and Arabic Linguistics. Fahad holds a bachelors in Economics from Michigan State University and a Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California. He studied Arabic at Georgetown University and is currently studying in the graduate program in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Islamic Theology.


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