Power Mornings: Daily Rituals for More Flow, Productivity, And Joy

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When you start your day the right way, your daily responsibilities feel effortless. Your energy and creativity flow abundantly. “Tough problems” almost solve themselves. You carry a natural glow that attracts the right people and opportunities without trying. This course teaches you how.

Do you want to:

  • Have 10 extra hours every week?
  • Double your “Return On Time” in everything you do?
  • Feel excited and inspired about your day as soon as you open your eyes in the morning?
  • Eradicate overwhelm and mind-numbing busy-ness from your life?
  • Receive direct download from The Source, the direction and clarity to move forward on anything?
  • Be 10% happier?

Before you start thinking that is not possible, I can tell you, definitely, it IS. There’s one problem, though.

It’s not gonna happen if you keep doing what you’ve been doing.

If you’re the same person as yesterday, you’ll get the same result from life as yesterday.

Whatever you want out of life, more money, better relationships, happiness, creativity, impact… They do not manifest themselves in your reality until you start the shift internally. To create the inner space that can accommodate more wonderful things in your life.

Usually that shift can take two forms—

1. Big-bang, disorienting awakenings that turn your life upside down.

2. Steady, consistent, no-big-deal changes that has big impact accumulatively.

Most of us have our eyes on the first kind. Me, too. We all want the big revelation/breakthrough/enlightenment that instantly solves all of life’s mysteries.

But having tried it myself (If you’re curious, look for old posts on natashache.com about my spiritual awakening experience), I can tell you it’s a bit overrated.

In contrast, the second form of internal transformation doesn’t get the press coverage. Because it’s not dramatic and doesn’t even feel like a transformation at all.

But when that kind of shift happens in you every day, and when you look back a year or two years from now, you’d realize how different you are and how different your life is.

And that’s the kind of internal awakening that sticks.

This is a course that teaches you how to create an inner awakening in you on a daily basis.

When you create positive, irreversible changes in your inner landscape, one day at a time, you start to attract profound changes in your external reality. Opportunities mysteriously appear. You bump into the right people. Your words and actions carry more oomph. You start getting different, better results, even though you seem to be doing the same things.

The best part?

Small, consistent changes do not feel like effort.

No “dark night of the soul”. No dragging yourself through the purgatory of inner growth. No need for the Universe to drown you in gut-wrenching pain in order to help you reach some priced “epiphany”.

The downside is you’ll have much less to complain about to your friends. (So be prepared to come up with other bonding activities.) Also, you’ll have a lot less dramatic stories to tell about your path to a blissful life. Not good if you want to be the center of attention at cocktail parties.

Other than that, small, consistent shifts in your inner landscape is the secret to get you where you want to go in life quickly.

If you take the practices taught in this course seriously (meaning: to actually do them on a regular basis), here’re what you can expect:

  • An immediate boost in your productivity and happiness. Yes, I’m talking about “immediately”. If you do the practices, expect to see an instant difference in the quality of your day. And if you practice consistently, the impact on the quality of your life will be cumulative and profound.
  • Becoming your own psychic medium. This one will come more gradually. But expect your phone signal to the Divine Help Line to be mega-amplified. You will evaluate people/situations/choices differently, in a way that is more aligned with your highest destiny.
  • Increased resourcefulness and creativity. To help you find the right direction and focus in any situation quickly. Life still happens. There’ll still be rain on some of your parades. But rather than getting stuck like people do in those situations, you’ll find your way out of the “problems” as fast as possible.
  • Confidence and mastery. Most of us are our own worst enemy. We worry about things that will never happen. We play small and refuse to change. We self-sabotage. We play the victim. We let self doubts and fear keep us from going after what we really want. Your worst enemy is not going to go away after you take this course. That will never happen as long as you’re a human. But this course will give you the tools to become stronger than your enemy. So that you can win more of the time.

My guarantee to you

If you take this course, do all the practices with awareness, I guarantee that you will see an immediate boost in the quality of your day. Or your money back. If you want to invoke the guarantee, all you need to do is to email me and explain why you weren’t able to see a change in the quality of your day. And you will get a full refund.

What People Are Saying

"I listen to you constantly at the moment, and the more I have done so, the more I see changes in my own being.  I am so grateful you came into my awareness. Thank you so much for your brilliant works.  I just love you.  And I always look forward to more." -Brenda M.

"Your soundcasts have truly been life changing for me. I feel so much happier and grounded listening and practicing your instruction. Since my energy has shifted, so many wonderful things have been happening. Even if great things weren’t happening, I totally understand that periods of inactivity are still beneficial and much needed." - Vondalea G.

“You’re amazing, Natasha. I’ve never known myself better than I do today and I say this every day now. I’m comfortable with who I am and find it easier to express my feelings than ever before. Thank you for your work. It’s all because of your ‘How to get anything you want’ podcast and your amazing videos. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.” -Gary V.

“I must say you are truly amazing and understand what someone like me is going through. I don't know how you are not a household name.” -Kam P.

“You always seemed to have the right message for me at the right time.” -Lorrie P.

“You really gave me a boost today. I am grateful for the insight. It really made me think.” -Janet K.

“You have described what I am going through exactly. You are a breath of fresh air and I know my Angels have led me to you. I can breath better now. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and Love.” -Donna S.


At least 10% increase in your productivity and resourcefulness
A reliable way to receive clarity on life situations from your higher self
An accelerated path to manifest your highest destiny
The freedom to get more done with less effort
Organic, sustainable energy and drive
A feeling of joy and calmness throughout your day


Natasha Che
Natasha is a personal growth teacher, an award-winning podcaster and a contributor to Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. Her work has helped thousands of people find clarity and meaning in their life and overcome adversities through developing a deeper relationship with their higher self. She is also a tech entrepreneur and the founder of Soundwise, the go-to platform for coaches and experts to build an engaged listener base and spread their knowledge via audio. She holds a PhD from Georgetown University.


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2: Can I listen offline?

Yes. Tap on the download icon next to an audio track will download the track to your phone. Simply download the audios when you have wifi and you can listen to them anywhere you go.

3: What should I do if I have technical issues?

Check out common troubleshooting tips here. If the issue is not resolved, please write to support@mysoundwise.com.

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