1 Minute Solutions:How to Argue Less-Connect With Teens More

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Do you want to argue less and connect with your teen/pre-teen more? If so, this course, from award-winning parenting author, Evonne Weinhaus is for you. Discover four 1Minute solutions to…Squash battles before they begin; Use the #1 skill to initiate change when all else fails; Avoid the most common mistake parents make that leaves them fed-up from arguing.

“My teenage daughter went to bed as Cinderella and woke up as Godzilla.”

With a dash of humor, this mom said what many parents are experiencing with their sons and daughters as they hit the pre-teen and teen years.

Are you tired of repeating everything three times and not being heard

Are you drained from daily arguing,

Do you eventually give in?

Do you want to be closer, more connected, with your teen?

If so, you are like many other parents.

After working with parents for many years, I decided to name this audio course- 1 Minute Solutions: How to Argue Less-Connect More With Teens. You may be wondering what possibly does arguing and connecting have in common? After all, most parenting courses focus on how to decrease arguing or nagging or they talk about how to build a more successful relationship with your teen. I think a little differently….

In some strange and wonderful way, fighting and connecting are directly related to one another. Yes, the arguing is the observable behavior, or the symptom…and may I add, usually very visible and very loud. What lies underneath this symptom- the arguing- is the desire to connect, the desire to be heard, the desire to be seen. So many times, both parents and teens don’t know there is a totally different way to go about it. In this audio course, I will show you how by introducing four 1 Minute Solutions: The first is “Please K.I.S.S”. And, you ‘ll have to take the course to find out what that means exactly. The second 1 Minute Solution is all about how to translate negative words into positive words and my guess is you won’t guess how. The third 1 Minute Solution is Go For The Triple E Effect and last one is Choose a small issue to begin with.

Much more than your routine audio parenting course. This 1Minute Solution course teaches parents how to make changes that work immediately. This course doesn’t focus on theory. It focuses on short, action- oriented solutions that work immediately.

What Other People Are Saying:

“As I have been reflecting my blessings- Evonne, you certainly come to mind. I can’t begin to express how much you have contributed to the health and happiness of our family. You are a treasure and we certainly appreciate all you have done.”

Laura S

I was inspired to start using these new skills immediately and best of all they worked. Thank you, Evonne!

Charley K

I am so thankful for you! I believe God puts people like you in front of us for a reason and mine has been life changing. I have to say that I am very excited to grow as a person with the family that knows how to struggle without power struggles – but POWERED BY YOURSELF!

Aga M


4 on-the-go parenting lessons in audio, available from your phone.
Complete Transcript of the audio course.
Recorded Facebook Live 60 minute presentation with Evonne speaking live in front of an audience.
Diffuse conflict by using 10 words or less
Increase your ability to translate discouraging words into encouraging words .
Raise your teen’s feelings of self-worth immediately with the Triple E effect.
Identify the most unknown, most common error most parents make and what you can do to avoid it.
Discover how to empower your teen and empower yourself- not one without the other.


Evonne Weinhaus, LPC, LCSW
Evonne is a sought after relationship therapist, a certified Imago couples counselor and an award-winning parenting author. Her expertise and humor-filled style have landed her numerous guest spots on The Today Show, Good Morning America and the Oprah Winfrey show, plus being featured in Family Circle, McCall’s, Woman’s Day Working Mother and showcased as a teacher in the movie- Breakthrough: A Conscious Documentary.

Her books Stop Struggling with Your Teen and Stop Struggling With Your Child have together sold more than a quarter of a million copies worldwide.

Discover more about Evonne Weinhaus at www.evonneweinhaus.com


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