Andrew Johnson
Relax Change Create Meditation with Andrew Johnson, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher For over 26 years, Andrew Johnson has been helping people relax, change and create the lives they want through his range of self-care recordings, guided meditations, apps, online courses and workshops. ​ His soft Scottish accent is loved around the world and his voice has been described to be as smooth as a Single Malt. ​ In 2009, Andrew released the world's first mediation app and now his life's work is curated in his latest app 'Relax Change Create Meditation'. ​ With over 19 million downloads and streams to date, Andrew’s recordings have motivated and empowered people to cope with stress, overcome anxiety or fears, break habits and achieve their full potential. ​ Andrew teaches meditation and mindfulness in a way that is simple, safe and easy to learn and integrate in daily life.