Breakthrough: How to Get Unstuck with God's Power

Breakthrough: Module 1 - Overview

This is an introduction to the Breakthrough teaching.

Being stuck is destructive to your life because it seems, on the surface, so harmless.

After all, part of being stuck is finding yourself in the same place year after year.

What could be the harm in that?

But if you are here, you know that that's not enough.

Longing for God's hand in your life?

Good! Then you have come to the right place.

Let's start by getting an overview of what this teaching on Breakthrough is all about.

If you like the teaching, don't let another second go by without downloading the entire series to experience the freedom in Christ that God wants for you.

You, me, all of us have what I call "Dead End Drivers" -- habits we have from within ourselves that limit us from experiencing God's breakthrough.

Our fallen, sinful nature is as much about these deep-rooted, almost invisible, habits we have as the surface, behavioral issues.

In other words, your worst enemy to breakthrough is likely yourself!

Take a listen and let me know!