Dracula: A Radio Play Mini Series

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Everyone's heard of Dracula, but do you know the original tale that started the legend? Experience the Bram Stoker novel, adapted as a 10-episode radio play mini-series! The first 9 episodes are available in a podcast format and the Series finale (Episode 10) will be presented live and in person!

The Oakville Players Presents: Dracula: A Radio Play Mini-Series

Directed by Robin Sadavoy
Produced by Alex Ragozzino

The first 9 episodes are available in a podcast format and the Series Finale (Episode 10) was presented live and in person on October 27-29, 2023. (https://dracularadioplay.com/ )

The exciting conclusion will also be released online in the coming months.

THE STORY: A small group of unsuspecting heroes, including a former schoolmistress, a doctor, a Dutch philosopher, a Texan mercenary and a Lord will unite to take on Count Dracula and his dark desires. Told in many distinct voices in the form of letters, diary entries, and dialogue true to the original novel, this radio play brings the horror of the 1897 tale to modern audiences.

  • Episode 1: Leaving the West
  • Episode 2: My Own Body a Banquet
  • Episode 3: A Fleeting Diorama of Light and Shade
  • Episode 4: A Long Spell of East Wind
  • Episode 5: Much and Terrible Troubles
  • Episode 6: The Devil's Un-Dead
  • Episode 7: Any Thing So Hunted
  • Episode 8: Your Veins Have Appeased My Thirst
  • Episode 9: This Mark of Shame
  • Episode 10 (Series Finale): The Heart of the Enemy's Country (In-Person & Podcast)
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