Better Sleep, Better YOU, Better Life

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A sleep improvement program for living your best life.

Better Sleep, Better You, Better Life

Sleep Improvement Program for Living Your Best Life

With Cheryl DeDecker, Board Certified Hypnotist

This empowering 4 step program teaches you helpful habits and techniques for improving your sleep. You'll receive two tracks: the first is an audio version of the written program (included with the track), detailing all the steps of the program. The second is a wonderful hypnosis recording for deep sleep. The first recording is something you may listen to while going about your day, learning the details of the program. The Deep Sleep recording is only to be used for bedtime, when you're in a safe place and can just drift off to sleep.

Email: Phone: 607-287-7907. Interested in learning about individual hypnosis sessions with Cheryl? Contact via email and request a free phone consultation.  

Wishing you restful, rejuvenating sleep! Take care and be well!


Cheryl DeDecker, Board Certified Hypnotist

Cheryl DeDecker
Cheryl DeDecker (M.S., BCH,)
has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and is an National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Hypnotist. She spent 20 years as a licensed Professional Counselor, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and specializing in Women's Health and Stress Management. She has specialized hypnosis certifications in Complementary Medical Hypnosis, Hypnofertility and as a HypnoCoach®.
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