Psychedelic Preparation and Integration with Guided Meditations by Dr. DaeEss 1Drea {Special Offer}

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Through the use of journaling, meditation, and affirmations, you will be able to reflect on your psychedelic experiences, gain deeper insights into yourself, and cultivate a sense of inner guidance and wisdom. These practices can help you tap into the transformative power of psychedelics and create


Unlock the full potential of your psychedelic experience with our effective tools for personal growth and manifestation. Journaling, meditation, visualization, and affirmations are powerful tools that can help you leverage the neuroplasticity of your brain to create positive change and manifest your deepest intentions.

Through journaling, you can reflect on your experiences and gain deeper insights into yourself and your intentions. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you process and integrate the insights and wisdom gained from your psychedelic experiences. By consistently journaling, you can also track your progress and identify patterns or areas of growth.

Meditation is another wonderful way to support your psychedelic journey. It can help you calm your mind, connect with your inner guidance, and cultivate a sense of presence and mindfulness. Regular meditation practice can also help rewire your brain and promote greater resilience and emotional regulation.

Visualization is a potent technique for manifesting your deepest intentions. By visualizing the outcomes you desire, you can create a powerful sense of alignment and focus. With regular practice, visualization can help you shift your mindset and attract the outcomes you desire.

Finally, affirmations are a valuable tool for promoting positive self-talk and cultivating a sense of self-worth and self-love. By repeating affirmations that align with your intentions, you can rewire your brain to focus on the positive and create a sense of empowerment and confidence.

By combining these tools with your psychedelic practice, you can leverage the neuroplasticity of your brain to create positive change and manifest your deepest intentions. Our programs and resources are designed to support you in cultivating a daily practice of journaling, meditation, visualization, and affirmations to help you unlock your full potential and create the life you desire. Don't miss out on this opportunity to integrate your microdosing experiences and unlock your full potential.


Integration Support: Promote a deeper understanding and integration of insights gained during your journeys.
Self-Discovery: Explore your inner landscape through the practice of journaling, uncovering profound insights and fostering personal growth.
Mindfulness and Presence: Cultivate mindfulness and presence through guided meditations, allowing you to be fully present in each moment and deepen your self-awareness.
Manifestation Techniques: Learn powerful visualization and affirmation techniques to manifest your intentions and desires, creating positive change in your life.
Inner Guidance: Develop a strong connection to your inner guidance and intuition, learning to trust and follow your own wisdom for making aligned decisions.
Neuroplasticity: Leverage the brain's ability to rewire and adapt through neuroplasticity, facilitating lasting positive changes in thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.
Emotional Healing: Engage in healing practices to address and release emotional blockages, supporting your emotional well-being and facilitating personal healing.
Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Dr. 1Drea, an integrative physician and trauma-trained expert in psychedelic-assisted therapy.


Dr. DaeEss 1Drea Pennington Wasio
Dr. 1Drea Pennington Wasio is a certified psychedelic therapist and seasoned integrative physician, revered for her commitment to personalized care and profound healing. With over two decades of experience, her practice is rooted in a compassionate approach that treats health and well-being as uniquely personal journeys.

Dr. 1Drea has a passion for exploring the transformative potential of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, a groundbreaking frontier in mental health. Guiding her clients with empathy and expertise, she empowers them to reclaim their innate wholeness and foster deeper self-acceptance.

In her courses, she elegantly combines her medical proficiency with her genuine understanding of psychedelic experiences, providing a supportive environment for personal growth. Her work inspires participants to embark on transformative journeys towards greater health, happiness, and authenticity.

Join Dr. 1Drea as she shares her insights, nurturing your path towards self-discovery and comprehensive well-being.
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