Meet iMA Benefactors

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Meet Remarkable iMA Benefactors who are all recognized experts in specific areas and learn how they are using the universal color-based language I created to help themselves and others, Be, Do and Live better and Engage more, Sell more, Earn more, Succeed more and Work and Worry less.

Many things exist in the world that you do not see because you are not looking for them.

You see the world you look for.

iMA Practitioners help others see themselves and the world around them through new eyes.

Giving them iMA's Multi-Focal Lens to expand their visual and intellectual ray, helping them appreciate themselves for what they are and a renewed understanding of how they fit into their world, their relationship with others, and how to connect with them.

iMA Practitioners are trained to help others make intelligent decisions by identifying patterns that:

  • Boost productivity
  • Make the best use of resources
  • Identify opportunities
  • Establish achievable goals
  • Cut through distractions
  • Ignore irrelevant or less relevant details
  • Focus on what is most important

iMA Practitioners have a high level of expertise in specific areas and use iMA principles, fundamentals, and concepts to build trust, communication, cooperation, understanding, sales, and profits and reduce stress and tension.

Remarkable iMA Practitioners

Relationship Strategies
Recruiting Strategies
Management Strategies
Selling Strategies
Project Management Strategies
Teaching Strategies

James Knight , iMA Creator and Master Practitioner

James Knight
I have spent over 20 years reseaching, testing, applying and teaching a universal color-based language I created called iMA to help people, understand, relate to, and work together better. iMA is simple, yet goes deep with universal applications and a global reach. I personally teach Accredited iMA Practitioners the things they need to know to help others use iMA at every level of their lives. I am very proud to be associated with each and every person here. Take the time to listen and learn how they are using iMA to help themselves and others use iMA to make their lives easier, happier and more productive.
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