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Thoughts on Business Strategy for 2023

Each plateau that you reach in business (as well as life) requires time, energy, and effort. With time, things like economic downturns become easier to withstand. At least, that’s hopefully the case. As we prepare to leave 2022 in the past, I have some thoughts that I’d like to share with you about business strategy in 2023.

There’s a certain amount of fluidity that’s required to adjust to an ever-changing business landscape. Individuals who thrive tend to think outside the box and adapt much faster than those who prolong the process. And let me add that this is usually much easier for the freelancer or solopreneur than it is for their larger, corporate-like counterparts. 

As with anything else in business, our products and services must be aligned with the needs and wants of this time. Things of the past (good, bad, or otherwise) must be left in the past.