3 Things You Can Do With Your Time While Affected By The ASUU Strike

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3 Things You Can Do With Your Time While Affected By The ASUU Strike

Both parents and students can attest to the negative effects of the ASUU strike on their lives. However, we want to encourage those affected with certain things you can do with your time. 

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, commonly known as ASUU commenced an indefinite strike since March 2020. Now while there are ongoing conversations between the union and the Federal Government to resolve the impasse it is really, quite disheartening that so many children's education has been stalled, for no fault of theirs.

I want us to focus on what both parents and the youth who are involved in this current situation can do and how to use their time effectively. While frustrating, and while the situation is being sorted out there are certain things you need to accept. First of all, is to accept the fact that you cannot control certain things; such as nobody knows when classes will resume, or when school will go back to normal. 

The only thing you can do is to control what you can, which is your own action. And I know it seems very simple to say that but in reality, of course, there is a lot of frustration. So what can we actually do to make sure that we don't let the frustration lead to mental health challenges and feelings of depression? The answer is for you to take control of your actions and your time. Additionally, you want to focus on continuing your education and skill acquisition in other ways. 

Learn and Acquire New Skills

Thankfully, we are in a very global, connected world nowadays, and there are a lot of websites that are offering fantastic content. Some of these are from top universities, all over the world, teaching topics on everything. 

I advise that rather than use your time to hang out on social media only or rant on Twitter, you should use that time to go out and figure out what you are interested in learning. 

Volunteering and Internships

One of the things I know is that every business needs some help and students can offer their services either through volunteering or seeking internship roles.

The reality is that right now, no matter what industry you are in, because of the pandemic and the lockdown, most people have had to scramble to suddenly implement a digital strategy into their businesses.

Start an Online Business

It is very easy; more than any time in our human existence to start a business right now from your house. The reality is that anybody can start a business from home. All you need is to find the right audience and the right customer base. The strategic use of digital tools and technology as an enabler is critical. Once you have access to the internet and a smart device you are good to go. 

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