Alcohol: Choose + Control hypnotherapy session

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Alcohol: Choose + Control hypnotherapy session ~ 22 minutes with gentle background music.

For many a quick drink to unwind seems like an unwritten law. Maybe a swift one after work, a tipple while cooking or “to help with sleep’ is your MO. This seemingly simple action though has the ability to develop into something quite different.

The one glass becomes half a bottle. Then another. The chaser becomes the main gone large. The occasional night becomes every night and you might start to think you cannot manage without it. The ‘just one more’ turns into losing count. The social tippler becomes the drunk with degrees of lushness in between.

Sleep can be disturbed, lethargy becomes a normal state and surely everyone often feels a bit ‘under the weather’ most of the time.

You have tried to not drink but that little inner voice whispers, “Just the one.” Or, “Don’t be dull.” Or, “You need to”.

Do you have your own reason/excuse/justification? Do you want to be free? 

This hypnotherapy session enables you to choose whether you want to cut down or stop drinking alcohol completely while empowering you to do so comfortably.

Alcohol: Choose + Control hypnotherapy session ~ 22 minutes with gentle background music.

Please only listen to this recording when it is safe for you to do so.


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