Xeinadin Group + iMA = Potential Unlimited

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We are a group of over 100 business advisory and accountancy practices across the UK and Ireland that helps the owner-managers of small and medium-sized enterprises achieve their business and personal goals.

Business owners increasingly want a close relationship with a trusted advisor who can

provide them with expert advice across the whole spectrum of business and associated

personal issues – everything from management accounts and auditing to advice on their

personal tax returns or corporate finance.

We build trusted personal relationships at a local level, but with the benefit of innovative

technology, centralised back office support and a wide range of specialist expertise from

across our national group.

We are continually looking for ways to help our clients become better at what they are doing.

When we discovered this simple, colour-based, universal language designed to help people connect and communicate, we immediately embraced it. 

Pattern Recognition: The Key to Intelligent Decision Making

Identify meaningful patterns
Focus on what is most important
Ignore Irrelevant details
Interpret what you see
Determine what to do
Determine what you should avoid doing

Meet Neil Ballard

Meet Neil Ballard
The reason I was drawn to iMA was that through the years I have learned that the only way to be successful in businesses and in life is by truly communicating with people. When I saw how simple, yet powerful iMA is then I had to learn more. The decision to become an iMA Practitioner for my wife and fellow Director Janet and myself was an easy one. It enables us to teach and share these principles with everyone we come into contact with in a positive way and help change their lives for the better. On a personal basis it helps me to understand the different personalities and helps me to communicate and hence connect with my family and friends much more effectively. By bringing iMA into the workplace it helps to reduce the stress when dealing with the team and also helps to reduce their stress levels as I now understand what makes them ‘tick’ so to speak. We have trained the team and they all have a greater understanding of each other and also the clients they deal with. This has led to a more positive harmonious office and greater productivity.
Meet Alex Deakin
Reporting to the COO I am a member of the senior leadership team, actively participating in the Groups business strategy. I am responsible for the development of the 5-year Marketing and Brand plans, ensuring their effective translation into ‘on-the-ground’ marketing and business development plans at the central, regional and local level. I lead a national and regional marketing team function across the UK and Ireland sitting on the change program board alongside acting as the business and delivery lead for eight transformation programs across the Group. I am an Accredited iMA Practitioner and use iMA, and encourage my team to use it, to identify the colour of the person that they need to communicate with, Modify the message by encoding it in a way that is most likely understood, and Adapt to the differences by treating the other person in a way that they want to be treated (iMA). In my experience, when people use iMA trust, communication, understanding, cooperation go up and misunderstandings, stress and tension go down.
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