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Relax or meditate to the songs of the plants on this unique album of 12 songs – one in each musical key - experience 6 hours of soothing ambient music.

For decades, researchers at Damanhur have been investigating how to communicate with plants. In the course of their investigations, they discovered that plants love to make music. Using a device that reads the bioelectric signatures of the plants and a synthesizer, they devised a way to convert the voice of the plants into an energy range for humans to hear. 

Using Damanhur’s Music of the Plants device, Hearthside Inspirations has collaborated with the plants to bring you a collection of Nature’s Symphony – music that sings to the soul.

Nature’s Symphony can be used for meditation, ambiance, and even therapeutically to heal the heart, mind and soul. 

Live plants that shared their songs in Curiosity -- bamboo (in C# and G# ) umbrella tree (in C and E), coleus (in A# and F), orchid (in A, B, and D), aloe vera (in D# and F#), dragon tree (in G).

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12 songs, each 25-30 minutes
Tuning: A = 440 Hz; Pentatonic Scale
Great for mediation, sound therapy, or soothing background sound.


Hearthside Inspirations
Life is a journey of creation and our mission here at Hearthside Inspirations is to help people develop the tools and find the courage to create the harmony of well-being in their lives.


1: How do I access the audios?

After you register for the audio program, you will be instructed to download the Soundwise mobile app. When you sign in on the app, the program you registered for will automatically load in your library.

2: Can I listen offline?

Yes. Tap on the download icon next to an audio track will download the track to your phone. Simply download the audios when you have wifi and you can listen to them anywhere you go.

3: What should I do if I have technical issues?

Check out common troubleshooting tips here. If the issue is not resolved, please write to

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