Semester 1: Communicating With Each Other At Work

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Have you ever heard anyone say this before? “Some of us spend more time each day with our coworkers than we do with our families.”

Whether you realize it or not, workplace relationships make up a large portion of our lives and these relationships can be made, or broken, by the way we communicate with each other.

Workplace communications can lead to success, anger, promotions, sadness, wealth, misunderstandings, stress, satisfaction, frustration, or camaraderie.

Walking into work each day without a good understanding of how these communications function is a recipe for failure! This is why we’ve created the course, ‘Communicating with each other at work.”

In this course we will teach you the principles of good Communication, Interpersonal Communications, Teamwork, managing conflict, Managerial communication, Performance Appraisals, Negotiation, writing workplace documents, short Reports, and delivering presentations.

So, whether you want to leverage your communication skills to grow your career or just want a more harmonious work environment, this course will equip you with the communication strategies to improve your communications at work.

Join us for “Communicating with each other at work.”


A ten part University level course covering Ten aspects of workplace communications
Concept Check and Discussion Questions to check your understanding
A link to the free printed version of the book
Over Six hours of instruction on communicating well


Gillian Williams
Gillian Williams who hails from Texas has worked in the field of Talent Management for 20+ years in higher education and healthcare. She is also a professional presenter that has facilitated workshops at multiple universities as well as having presented on best practices in interviewing and selection. In her free time she’s an avid reader and speech and debate judge who enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.


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