Everything is Content: A 4-Part Consciousness-raising Series About Content, Media & Digital Literacy

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CEO’s to Educators to Employees to Parents to Recruiters to Students etc. These are just a few segments of society that should invest in quality content, media and digital literacy education for themselves and those who they want to be discerning contributors to academia, society and the workforce.


If one cares to expand beyond personal well-being to that of consideration of well-being for the collective good, then not only does he, she and they need to know what to do to be content and media literate—they need to know how to do it.

This consciousness-raising brief and audio series, will cover a few aspects of communication, which require conscious media and conscious content literacy skills, to achieve socially responsible messaging. 

It will cover aspects of what to do but also make the distinction of how to do it.

Additionally, the series will cover some terms and concepts that are beneficial for the continuum of content creators to know and understand

This is a must hear series, if you are serious about wanting to create socially responsible messaging for your brand, or on behalf of a business.  

  • No matter what your profession or industry, you'll need to understand how each role on the pathway to content creation can hinder or derail your messaging if it doesn't understand how to apply conscious content literacy skills to the content before the messaging is released to the public.

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4 Amazingly Astute Audios that cover a lot of what content creators need to know to create conscious content


Ava Montgomery
Ava is the Founder of and Principal Consultant for, Conscious Media Consulting, LLC (CMC, LLC). From concept to completion, CMC, LLC brings the benefits of sound thought partnership to small businesses, organizations, consultants, and free-lancers who desire to create socially responsible messaging, but don’t have the means to retain full-time content advisement and Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion support at their content-creation table.


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Yes. Tap on the download icon next to an audio track will download the track to your phone. Simply download the audios when you have wifi and you can listen to them anywhere you go.

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