"This Is For The Birds" Facilitator's Guide

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This is a comprehensive guide that provides a wealth of information, tips, strategies, and questions for facilitating discussions about marginalization, as presented in the digital short movie, "This Is For The Birds", as well, for facilitating discussions about media-messaging and its influence.

Consider this a "Facilitator's Guide in a box"! It contains everything you need to facilitate an insightful discussion of the "This Is For The Birds" movie, except your audience, paper, markers and any audio/visual equipment you will want to use.

Not only will you get insights on how to facilitate a meaningful discussion about sensitive topics, such as "Marginalization", "Race", "Biases" and "Hypocrisy", you will also get a Master class on Media Literacy and Media Analysis skills development--in conscious ways! 

You'll want to facilitate discussions over and over again! This facilitation package would make a great edition to a lesson plan for educators who specialize in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) media literacy, civics, social studies, media, social-justice work and more !

This incredible offering contains:

✅Link to the FREE digital short movie

✅Link to the FREE Viewer's Guide

✅Audio format of the Guide

✅Downloadable PDF format of the Guide, The PDF features time-stamps for where the section can be found in the audio formatted guide.

✅Table of Contents that include:

✅(Information) About the Movie

✅Terms and Conditions (used in the movie and guide)

✅Potential Sensitivities Advisory

✅Using the Guide for Facilitation

🔔Viewing Suggestions

🔔Preparing to Facilitate

🔔Prepare Your Comfort Zone

🔔Understand Your Participants

🔔Using Prepared Questions

✅About Themes

🔔Some known additional themes that might surface

✅Discussion of Hypocrisy

✅Discussion of Marginalization

✅Discussion of Media Influence and Analysis

✅Discussion of Mental Models

✅Discussion of Narratives and (Mis) Representations

✅Discussion of "Othered"

✅Discussion of Representations, Symbols and Symbolism

✅Discussion of Production: Audio

✅Discussion of Production: Images and Imaging

✅Questions for Adult Viewers

✅Questions for Youth Viewers

✅60 Additional Analysis Questions

✅The Writer's Point-of-View

✅Closing the Discussion

✅Customizing the Facilitator's Guide

The audio features a pleasant voice and pleasant pace, particularly helpful for Facilitator's that are non-native English speakers.

Facilitators may include, but are not limited to, human resources, Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion professionals, media literacy, civics, social studies, anti-racism, educators, and, social-justice professionals, such as, activists, and advocates.

As well, it is intended for, individuals, and groups that aspire to raise consciousness, build emotional intelligence skills, and explore empathetic inquiry through conscious media literacy, and content analysis skills, development.

This guide is also meant to be helpful for parents, and caregivers, or informal facilitators, who want to address, and facilitate discussions around the particular themes, addressed within the movie.

This guide provides a wealth of information, tips, strategies, and questions for facilitating a discussion about the movie, This Is For The Birds, but also for facilitating discussion about media-messaging and its influence. 

The guide has been reviewed by education, and cultural-responsiveness professionals, and media consumers.

This guide supports people, who want to facilitate a discussion around the movie’s themes, and who want some additional support, with how to keep the discussion at a surface level. That is, to keep the discussion focused on the animal world. 

Or, it can be helpful for people who want some support in how to go more in depth, by discussing how the concepts apply to humans, and how marginalization, impacts the human world. 


A 2-hour and 6 minutes Audio formatted Facilitator's Guide
A 60 page PDF Formatted Facilitator's Guide, with time-stamps that coincide with audio sections


Ava Montgomery


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