Prelude to a Hero

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Nerd. Introvert. Punching bag. Hero? Screams and cringing aside, Wendell just might be the hero they never knew they wanted. For YA readers that love humor, fantasy, and adventure.


“This is the end time, Wendell. It’s a period of our world where all the secrets, powers, knowledge…even evil, will come to its full fruition. This is the point in time all the prophets spoke of and wished they’d been born within. Where the fate of the world will be decided.”

Wendell stood there, jaw open wide.

He blinked.

Then blinked again.

Finally, he closed his mouth and gulped loudly. “You guys are so screwed.”

Nerd. Introvert. Punching bag. Hero?

Wendell is a typical teen--misunderstood, ignored, and bursting with potential no one notices. His biggest dreams are for a decent job, a hot car, and a girlfriend, but he’ll settle for two out of three.

And then the Universe noticed him.

Kidnapped to the other end of the galaxy, Wendell is now expected to take up the mantle of a legendary hero and defeat the world's greatest enemy…who openly defied the last champion.

Dark Lord Mahan.

Screams and cringing aside, Wendell just might be the hero they never knew they wanted.

Wendell’s story has won laughter and cheers from YA readers in 60 countries since 2005. If you enjoyed Harry Potter, Tiffany Aching, Percy Jackson, or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, then you’ll love this humorous, original epic fantasy, packed with magic, mystery, and sharp kicks to the funny bone.
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Book 1 of the Chronicles of a Hero series
Unabridged version of "Prelude to a Hero"
Narrated by the author, Jaime Buckley


Jaime Buckley
Jaime Buckley is no ordinary father of 13. He works night and day to craft and publish the adventures of Wendell P. Dipmier, the accidental hero, from his little home in Utah. He lives there with his wonderful wife, a handful of children still at home, surrounded by nosey neighbors who still can't figure out why he talks to himself so often.


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