A Few Minutes Fable: Blood and Guts

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Robbin Rabbit and Sammy Slug come from two completely different cultures and their families have a shared a history that goes back many generations.  How can these two live in the same garden, each get what they need to survive and thrive while coexisting in peace—and even become friends?

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Short Stories for Consciousness-raising, Emotional Intelligence-building & Empathetic Inquiry for Children and Adults

Key themes: generational narratives, relationship-building, courage, independent thinking, positive change, authentic experiences, overcoming, fresh starts, taking initiative

This short story is meant to give you a place to start conscious conversation, build emotional intelligence and seek empathetic inquiry.

Some themes to consider:

The author intends that the story is suitable for all audiences. However, the purchaser will ultimately determine with it is appropriate for his/her or their audience.

The reading level is about 5th grade and up. However, there may be words that are unfamiliar. In such cases, it is a great time to use a dictionary to look the word(s) up and build vocabulary.

From the title of the story, to the characters, to the content, this fable encourages conscious media literacy skill development through exploration of words, narratives, symbolism and themes—and of course, imagination! 

The content provides a premise, but you can use your own creativity to expand the story in ways that are more applicable to your audience and/or to address a particular situation that needs to be discussed.

While a “Moral” is provided for the story as it is told here, you can adapt the moral in conscious ways to fit your creative edits and story expansion.

The “Reflection” and Questions for consideration are provided to generate discussion. As a parent/caregiver, educator, facilitator, they can be used as is and as a place to stimulate additional development of your own questions.

A blank page is included for a facilitator to write notes in preparation for discussion. 

Great for bed-time stories, for during a meal engagement and other times when you want to connect and discuss important themes in our society and larger-culture.

The most important things to remember are to:

Discuss the story!

Learn with the story!

Learn from the story!

Build on the story!

Raise consciousness with the story!

Build emotional intelligence with the story!

Explore empathy with the story! 

Have fun with the story!


A Few Minutes Fable Short Story
A Facilitator's Guide with a place for facilitation Notes
Story reflections and questions for discussion
An downloadable copy of the Fable that contains facilitators questions and notes
A coloring sheet


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