The Book of Proverbs

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Loaded with practical wisdom and perspective, Proverbs is the perfect book for daily reading and reflection. Dale Fincher captures the spirit of Proverbs in 31 individual readings, based on the translation from the Bibliotheca Bible project.

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Remember when the Bibliotheca Project took Kickstarter by storm? That fundraising campaign became one of the most successful in Kickstarter history. Who would have thought today's society would want a fresh, beautiful edition of the Bible that read more as a story than as a manual? That was the approach behind the launch of the Bibliotheca project, to remember the Bible is literature AND present it in remarkable typeset tucked inside a walnut case. .

Dale Fincher backed the original campaign, as did many in his community at the time. Dale was later granted permission to record the Proverbs from this same edition to give you opportunity to download as your own daily companion. These recordings capture the spirit of the Biblical text in 31individual readings. 

Loaded with practical wisdom and perspective, Proverbs is the perfect book for daily reading and reflection. We recommend listening to a recording a day, each day of the month. Find the routine when you can frame the moment: when you awake, on your commute, over breakfast, on a morning walk, or as you unwind at the very end of your day. Then start again each month. You'll discover more wisdom and clarity in your life, work, family, and friendships.

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Follow this link for more information on the Bibliotheca Bible and secure your own printed copy for your library.

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The complete book of Proverbs from the Bibliotheca translation.
Audio reading by Dale Fincher.
Professionally mastered with background music throughout to enhance the experience.


Dale Fincher
As an author and speaker, Dale Fincher has engaged audiences for 30 years. From his early work as camp counselor to his latter work as itinerant speaker and online pastor, he loves dramatically telling stories of Jesus and helping audiences understand their meaning. He makes his home with his wife, Jonalyn, and two boys in New Hampshire.


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