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Seeing Sounds is a podcast that focuses on the work of creatives who identify as LGBTQ+ and our allies.

Formerly a show for restless minds and weirdos, since 2018 Seeing Sounds is a podcast that focuses on the work of creatives who identify as LGBTQ+ and our allies. We aim to center the work of Black gay artists of and inspired by the African diaspora. We also share thoughts, educational material and conversations with interesting people from all walks of life. 

The show is hosted by Johnnie Ray Kornegay III.


Johnnie Ray Kornegay III
Johnnie Ray Kornegay III is a Black gay man and self-taught photographic artist who tries new things with each project. His work centers Black queer folks, and primarily, but not exclusively, Black gay men. It’s his vision to tell their fullest, most honest story. According to Kornegay, "So often I find that our stories are stilted or watered down and often lack emotional complexity and variety." Film, written word and sound combined with photography are all important elements to his installations. He is always searching for a new way to communicate what’s happening in the work and looking for innovative ways to display it. In addition to my artistic endeavors, he serves as Creative Director for CNP, an organization committed to shifting the narratives about Black gay men. In his role, he is responsible for visual direction, content creation and strategy among other things. He was born and raised in a small city outside of Philadelphia, called Chester. Life circumstances have brought him back there, so this is where he creates, exists and records his podcasts today.


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