The Tara Magee Series - Book 2 - Seeing Double

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Sci-fi Mystery Adventure Rated E for Everyone


EXCERPT: We stood watching out the window for the longest time. Then we saw two figures appear on the porch and walk down the steps. I watched as Danny and Kate headed back to the house. I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. As they came closer to the house, I could tell something was wrong just by the expressions on their faces.

Tara Magee takes off on a quest to reach Billy’s sister Amanda before Rachel’s parents get to her. When they arrive in Rachel’s home town they discover strange things are going on at her house. Then, they realize they’re in the middle of something they don’t understand. After seeing a tragic event unfold on the news Tara and Rachel decide to leave town. Will they find a safe place to hide? Will they find Amanda in time?


6 Hours and 59 Minutes of Listening Enjoyment


Tara Magee
The Tara Magee Series is the continuing saga of a girl's life that has been turned upside down by one event which sets off a chain reaction to many events that follow.


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