The Tara Magee Series - Book 1 - The Deception of Tara Magee

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Sci-fi Mystery Adventure Rated E for Everyone


EXCERPT: My head pounded like I was hit with something. I sat up, and looked around. I saw daisies… thousands of daisies. The scorching hot sun was beating down on me. I wondered how long I was passed out in the heat. I knew I’d been there awhile since my skin was red and starting to hurt. I had no idea how I ended up here. I sat dazed for the longest time, looking at the nothingness, trying to remember if I knew this place. 

Tara Magee, a fourteen-year-old from the east coast, wakes up feeling lost and abandoned. She makes her way to the beach and a bizarre twist of events puts her in the home of, twelve year old, Billy Stevens. When Billy tells her she’s on the west coast, she suddenly realizes just how far from home she is. Tara is faced with the difficult decision whether to stay and help Billy find his missing sister or to go and figure out who was responsible for turning her life upside-down. Will Tara stay and help Billy? or will she go?


6 Hours and 22 Minutes of Listening Enjoyment


Tara Magee
The Tara Magee Series is the continuing saga of a girl's life that has been turned upside down by one event which sets off a chain reaction to many events that follow.


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