Real Nutrition for Our Dogs

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Dogs are ailing these days because we are not honoring their true nature as predator carnivores. Yes, that's right! Learn about their ailments, causes and how to set them on the path to good health beginning with the correct nutrition.

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The first law of health is NUTRITION. We can't neglect that as the foundation to healthier, longer-living dogs! It also must be species appropriate and raw for the CARNIVORE predator that are dogs are - no matter if they are domesticated or not. 

Dogs are ailing these days because we are not honoring their true nature as predator carnivores. Learn about their common ( they are not normal as is often stated) ailments, causes and how to set them on the path to good health beginning with the correct nutrition. 

Please note that these audios were recorded with my colleague and former podcast co-host, Dr. Jeannie - between 2005-2018, as well as other veterinary contributors. 

Before we begin I just want to make certain you understand my role and some legal poop. Also a lot of material in this course was used at the former school in Animal Naturopathy of which I was a co-founder. You'll also be hearing from my colleague and co-founder in the audios. 

You'll be learning a lot of what we taught our students who were certified in animal naturopathy as practitioners. So just be aware of that when you hear us mention things about the former coursework. The education shared is evergreen material which means it is still valid today and what I still teach to clients. 

Legal Poop 

The information contained in this course is not meant to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is provided for educational purposes only. The focus is on natural, whole health for dogs. Dr. Kim Bloomer and Aspenbloom Pet Care, do not assume any legal responsibility for misuse of any possible products discussed in this class. The only essential oils ever used, discussed or referenced in this class are Young Living Essential Oils. 

PSS Yes, I am a follower of Jesus so my faith is entertwined into all I teach.

Dr. Kim Bloomer


Learn what is behind some of the most common ailments in dogs
Learn how to have a healthier, longer-living pet simply by feeding him/her the correct nutrition
Learn how to help your dog thrive and not just survive!
Additional resources provided in the form of handouts, graphics, and article & video links


Dr. Kim Bloomer
I am an ANIMAL NATUROPATH. This means my sole role is to guide and empower YOU with confidence, through education, to remove any of your preconceived fears associated with health and illness enabling YOU to make YOUR own choices in transforming the lives of YOUR dogs while promoting and building health and wellness for your dogs. PS In the pic, I'm holding my Carolina Dog puppy Ezra (then 10 weeks old) while trying to take the pic without him wriggling out of my arms lol. So no, I am not choking him, he was just a wiggly, squirmy boy who to this day isn't one to be "held" - hugged yes, but not held.


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