Living Timefully

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If all you have is one minute spare each day, you will find these temporal gems give you the time back and more immediately that it takes you to listen to them. When we start living timefully, we end our enslavement to the clock and take time back under our control.


These free, simple 60 second time tips will change your relationship with time, forever.

It is unlikely you will come across these tips in any other time management course - as this is all about attention management.

Humankind has become enslaved by time, yet nothing beats to the second but the mind of someone watching the clock.

If you have ever sat in a doctor's waiting room with nothing to read, you will have noticed that time can drag on interminably.

Weekends with friends can fly by.

The passage of time is subjective and, what's more, different parts of our neurology experience it differently.

Change your mind and you change your time !


A new way to approach time management
Simple techniques to help you focus
How to deal with the bandits of time
How to go with the temporal flow


Tom Evans
Tom is the creator of the world's first time management system based on mindfulness. He has created a 10 day course called The Art of Timefulness (available via Insight Timer) and an 8 week programme called Mindfulness-based Time Management (available free via his web site). These time tips are a distillation of both.


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