Using Gmail as Your Digital Filing Cabinet

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This audioguide is part my accompanying e-book "Turning Your Gmail Inbox Into the Best Digital Filing Cabinet" which is linked as a PDF in each episode/lesson. This guide will enable you to organize your email and increase your productivity. Guaranteed.

For many, email is unavoidable. From personal commnuications between friends and family, notifications from all web services like Facebook, Twiter, Evite and receipts from everything we buy online to work related ones about statuses of projects to delivering assets, we are constantly being notified in our inboxes. Gmail has risen to be the most popular email client yet, many use it without knowing its full potential.

Like many, I've been using Gmail for years in addition to G Suites for Business to run my production company 8:45a. 

Here's what I can do in my Gmail:

  • At a glance, see my top priority emails, the latest emails from my current clients while also seeing the inbox of another email I have for another business
  • Find receipts to every project I've been a part of easily
  • Pull up contracts signed by clients from all my years doing business

While my examples are related to my business, I can assure you that these tips will enable you to see Gmail to its full potential and help you establish your inbox as your Digital Filing Cabinet.


Learn how to utilize labels efficiently
Automate your incoming emails to be organized
Utilize search queries to find exactly what you need in seconds
Effectively use Gmail's star rating system
Manage multiple email accounts from one email
How to treat Gmail as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool
How to turn your Gmail into a work pipeline to track progress


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