Surge of Magic - Complete Series Boxed-set

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A childhood sweetheart couple fights the supernatural forces that try to separate them. This is a complete series with more information can be found at
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Spell Breaker - Season 1

Fate Shifter - Season 2

Curse Stone - Season 3

Magic Unborn - Season 4


Receiving a marriage proposal would be the most happy moment in life of many people, but not for dark magic sorceress, Orla.

She left the life of a sorceress behind to build a new life in London. She's an antique dealer. He's a computer programmer. There lives are not perfect, but they are happy.

Until he proposes.

She was cursed against true love. Her dark magic clan makes her choose between her happiness and his life.

She wants both.

And she would do whatever it takes to get both.

That might include a supernatural war against her ancestors ...

Surge of Magic is a romantic urban fantasy series in the Multiverse Collection by D.N. Leo. Grab the entire series and enjoy the world of love, magic, and thrilling action.

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Spell Breaker - The Complete Season
Fate Shifter - The Complete Season
Cursed Stone - The Complete Season
Magic Unborn - The Complete Season
Libra - A Crossworld Novel
Pisces - A Crossworld Novel


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