Circle of Fate - Epic Boxed-set

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The complete epic collection of 3 series boxed-set. The journey of the the Multiverse Collection readers' favorite characters. Check out the content below.
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Curse of Soulmate - Volume 1
1. Random Psychic
2. Forever Mortal
3. Elusive Being
4. Imperfect Divine
Mayhem & Aries - Volume 2
1. Light and Shadow
2. Spells and Codes
3. Blood and Spirit
4. Totem of Aries
5. Virgo - A Crossworld novel

Shadow of Angel - Volume 3
1. Oleander - Sweet Poison
2. Wolfsbane - Sweet Poison
3. Maikoa - Sweet Poison

The stories contain supernatural elements and characters including psychic ability, mind control, dimension, time travel, magic, shape-shifters, were-creatures, witches and wizards, mage, angel, demon, warriors, alien, private investigators. The stories are set in fantasy universes and as well as real locations on Earth.


Curse of Soulmate Complete Series
Kiss of Mayhem Trilogy
Totem of Aries
Shadow of Angel Trilogy
Bonus Virgo - A Crossworld Novel & free content
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